‘Blessed’ for ‘tough’ Indian students – and that’s a good thing!

The students of the University of Delhi have been blessed by the Government of India.

In fact, the government has been giving them free food.

The students have been given a few thousand rupees to spend on their school meals, and the rest of the money is being given to the Government on the basis of their achievements in the class.

The students are being paid Rs 5,000 per month for their school food, and their salaries are being doubled.

The government has also given them scholarships to study abroad.

In a recent letter to students, the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wrote that “the students of India have become a national treasure” and that the Government was grateful to them for their hard work and their “bravery”.

As per the Prime Minster’s letter, the students of Delhi are receiving Rs 5.3 lakh each month, while the rest is being donated to the Ministry of Home Affairs and other ministries.

“These students have become the backbone of our nation,” he said.

A few days ago, the Students Union of India, the union that runs the school, posted a tweet that said: “Blessing to all the students from Delhi for their amazing dedication, courage and dedication to study.

Brought a new world to them.”