This is how we spent the holidays at Malibu Cafe and Jenavies Cafe

This is the story of a couple’s trip to Malibu, a place that’s both a place of beauty and a place where they are constantly reminded of the importance of social responsibility.

In honor of the holidays, Jenavie’s got the perfect place to unwind, and she and Malibu’s newest cafe, Jenapanda, are the perfect choice.

Jenavied Cafe, which opened in January, is the perfect spot for the couple to unwire their hair, take a selfie, and relax.

The cafe also serves up delicious treats like pancakes and milkshakes.

Jenapandas Cafe is also the perfect location for the family to watch Netflix, hang out with friends, and get away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.

For a small fee, Jenaps cafe has an open-air courtyard and an indoor swimming pool.