Why Cafe Intermezzo is not as bad as its name implies

I’ve been looking for a new cafe for awhile, and now that I have, I’m finally able to find one.

That’s not to say I didn’t miss the old ones; I just can’t find one in the area.

The new ones, however, are not just a better experience for me, but they are the right experience for everyone.

It’s worth it.

I can’t say that about every cafe I’ve tried, but Cafe Intermeszzo, located in the heart of London’s East End, is a new experience I’ve had in years past.

The cafe’s interior design, cleanliness, and overall vibe make it a pleasant place to be.

But the menu itself is nothing to sneeze at, and there are several different things you can order on the menu.

For starters, there’s a vegan option.

For a quick and easy breakfast, this is great.

The eggs are served warm and fluffy, the toast is sweet and flaky, and the syrup is creamy and rich.

The café’s signature breakfast sandwich is also good, and can be made with just one piece of toast and eggs.

The coffee, though, is good as well, with coffee and chocolate covered strawberries, plus a small cup of coffee for a quick cup.

It comes with a small, but nice, bowl of cream.

For dessert, you can add chocolate chips and caramel or vanilla ice cream, or try a small plate of strawberry cheesecake, followed by a small dessert of chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

There are also several desserts on the lunch menu, but I’m partial to the chocolate chip cookie.

They’re sweet and creamy, with a thick, sweet cookie that is filled with fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, and are a perfect option for when you don’t want to wait to go out for dessert.

Cafe InterMEzzo is located in East London’s trendy Brixton neighborhood, just off the Victoria line, and is located at 621-631-2300.