How to Build a Farmhouse in 10 Minutes

Oasis cafe in the West End of London.

Photo: Dave Eller/Getty Images.

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Farmhouse cafe.

Farmhouse cafes are more like dining rooms than restaurants.

But they can be more than that.

The traditional house has a back wall and a fireplace, and a lot of them have a separate room for cooking.

But there’s no cooking area, and they are often far too cramped for that.

Here’s how to make your own in a few simple steps.1.

Cut a piece of white paper to cover the top.2.

Use a sharp knife to cut out a circle.3.

Cut two circles in the circle, one in the center and one at the edge.4.

Place a piece next to the circle and cut it off with a knife.5.

Fold the folded circle in half and use it as a template for the rest of the house.6.

Now that the circles have been cut, the back wall must be completely covered with white paper.7.

With a pair of scissors, trim away the white paper on the front wall.8.

Using a small pair of glue sticks, glue the remaining white paper back to the back of the circle.9.

Place the finished house in the middle of the garden, with the back walls facing each other.10.

Now the house has been finished, you’re ready to begin decorating!11.

Here is a basic example of a simple, yet sophisticated, farmhouse cafe in London.

The kitchen is made of wood paneling, and the dining room is decorated with carved wood panels.

It can be a pretty complex and interesting project.12.

The next step is to cut the walls of the kitchen to a height of 12 inches.

This is the height of a typical kitchen.