The Buffalos’ Buffalo Cafe is ‘not a restaurant’

Buffalo, New York — — In the spring of 2020, a new Buffalo Cafe was launched.

The cafe opened with an ambitious goal: to open an institution that would showcase the local cuisine of the region, and to showcase the unique traditions of the local buffalo.

The restaurant, the only Buffalo Cafe in the world, was the result of an innovative collaboration between the Buffalo Bills, a large and diverse Buffalo region and the Buffalo Niagara Falls Tourism Authority.

“Our goal was to bring the Buffalo Buffalo experience to the community and to be a beacon of tourism,” says Doug Rolle, a Buffalo Bills marketing director who created the new restaurant and is a founding partner of Buffalo’s Buffalo Café.

“And to be able to bring in local talent and a wide range of talented chefs and eaters to work with us.”

For years, Rolled has been the primary force behind the Buffalo Cafe, with the Buffalo Sabres and the Niagara Falls Area Chamber of Commerce serving as the backbone of the project.

Now, Ralle has returned to the Buffalo area to continue working on the Buffalo Café, and he’s ready to reveal his vision for the Buffalo Caf.

Buffalo’s own unique traditions and food, Rallle says, are what makes the Buffalo food scene so special.

“We are an authentic community, so we’ve always had our own unique cuisine, but we’ve also had a lot of great chefs who have also done great work,” he says.

“It’s really exciting to see Buffalo become a destination, and we’re excited to see what we can bring to the region.”

Rallles Buffalo Cafe concept.

The Buffalo Café is the result on Ralllis hard work and creativity, he says, and his commitment to bringing Buffalo’s local cuisine to the world.

“I want to build a place that’s like a home to Buffalo, not just a restaurant,” he explains.

“The people who work here have been working here since it was just a little village, and the people who grew up here are here as well.

So it’s like the family, and it’s just the best of the best.

And it’s a very intimate and unique place to be, and I think that’s what we’re building.”

Ralles Buffalo Café concept.

“Buffalo’s culinary traditions are what we know and love, and that’s why we want to bring that to life in this new location,” Rallets Buffalo Café website says.

As part of this ambitious vision, Rllle has partnered with local Buffalo chefs, restaurants and chefs who are also passionate about local food, including: Rallley, who has worked with local chefs in the Buffalo region for years, including the chef and owner of Buffalo-based restaurant The Dining Room.

Ralllez Buffalo Café location in the city of Buffalo.

The original Buffalo Cafe has been in the market for several years now, but Ralllle says he’s not going to go away.

“When I say I want to stay, I’m not saying that we’re going to leave,” he said.

“But I know we’re definitely going to be in Buffalo.

I’m confident in our ability to be successful in this location.”

The Buffalo Cafes owner, Doug Rall, explains why Buffalo has become an ideal destination for his restaurant.

Doug Ralleys Buffalo Cafe opening at the Buffalo Theatre.

(Photo by J. David Akehurst) Doug Rllles Buffalo Cafecakes menu.

The new Buffalo Café will feature an eclectic menu of buffalo wings, buffalo burgers, buffalo chicken wings, Buffalo ceviche, buffalo fries and more.

“With Buffalo being such a great place to live, work and play, we want our guests to feel comfortable in our community and be able walk in and experience Buffalo in a way that they wouldn’t be able anywhere else,” says Rall.

“This is an opportunity to showcase that Buffalo is home to many of the world’s best chefs, so that they can experience it in a unique way.”

The menu will be curated by the chefs at Buffalo’s Chef’s Kitchen.

Ralley also says the restaurant will feature locally sourced, sustainable, and locally sourced ingredients, along with a menu of locally-made desserts, local craft beer and a full bar and kitchen.

Rally said that Buffalo has the perfect mix of foodies, travelers and locals to cater to their needs.

“To create something that people can really connect to and appreciate is what makes us so special,” he explained.

“In a way, we’re bringing Buffalo back to its roots and reconnecting with it.

It’s a special place, and people are coming to Buffalo because it’s so unique.”

A glimpse of the Buffalo Coffee Roasters location.

(Credit: Buffalo CoffeeRoasters) Doug, Ralls and the rest of the chefs and staff at Buffalo CoffeeRasters, the Buffalo’s most prominent coffee roaster, have been collaborating on a new restaurant concept for the past year