Why you should take the time to visit the farmhouse cafe in Victoria

In a community known for its quirky cafe culture, it’s easy to forget just how far back the community really goes.

Here, the small-town cafe in the heart of the rural town of Burlingame offers a glimpse into one of the last remaining places in Victoria where the word farmhouse means family.

“I’m the one who owns the place, I’m the only one,” said owner, Brian Dolan.

Dolan, who runs the cafe, says the farm is his favorite part of his life.

“There’s something about it,” he said.

“If you go to a farmhouse, it’ll be like you’re at home.

It’s got a little bit of that nostalgia for us as well.”

Brian Dolan says the cafe in Burlingam, B.C., is his life’s work.

(CBC)The cafe has been in the family for nearly 30 years, Dolan said.

Dolan, his wife and his daughter, Sarah, all grew up in the town, and the family still visits when they’re not in Victoria.

The cafe sits in the backyard of the Dolan family farm.

(Brian Dankson/CBC)”The kids go and hang out and we have a lot of family friends over here,” Dolan explained.

“The only time I ever see my kids is when they come over here and they’re hanging out.

They go over and get a bite to eat.”

The family has made the journey several times over the years, but this is the first time they’ve come to the farm.

“This is one of those places where you don’t know what you’re going to get,” Danks said.

But when the family decided to go for a walk to the cottage, they had a whole new experience.

“We actually walked right over to the house,” Dank said.

“There was a couple of kids in there and they were walking around, playing.”

The Dolan’s said they’ve been making the trek to the cafe every day since.

“It’s not easy,” Dola said.

The family plans to stay for a few more days, but if the weather doesn’t cooperate, they’re planning to head back to their farm to finish off the journey.

“When I was in Burying, I had the chance to get a little vacation, but when I came back, we didn’t have much time,” Dolas said.

Dola’s daughter Sarah is the oldest, and Sarah’s mom, Karen, has been a farmhand for years.

They said it’s a dream to get to see the farm for themselves.

“She’s really a big part of the family, she’s just one of these things that you just can’t get over,” Karen Dolan joked.