You can’t go to the beach without seeing the best beaches in Vietnam

You can only imagine what the sea and the surf would be like in the tropical jungle.

But that’s exactly what we found at our favourite new beach in Vietnam, La Ba Chau.

The La Ba has just opened its first restaurant.

Its opening is the result of a $200,000 (£170,000) donation from our local charity.

You can find it on La Ba’s website, or through its mobile app.

Its chef is a local from a local family.

There’s a menu of Vietnamese dishes, and it’s very affordable.

The menu will be open until Monday.

We were thrilled to try the menu at the first time we visited.

La Ba is located on the beach of the capital, Hanoi.

We had lunch with our friend, Nguyen Phuong, who works for the local NGO.

He’s an expert at what’s happening in the local community, and we asked him about his family’s connection to the La Ba.

“My dad and my mom were in the Vietnam War,” Nguyen explained.

“We were forced to flee the country and moved to the US.

My dad served in the Army in Vietnam for four years, and his unit was on the southern side of the country.

He had to leave the country to escape Vietnam, and he stayed in the US for about two years, just in case.”

Nguyen explained how his dad has a lot of family memories in Vietnam.

He told us that his family was involved in the war, but they didn’t have a lot.

“Our mom’s family were from Vietnam, but my mom’s dad was a mechanic, and so they were the ones who worked on the bridges, and they were involved in construction, and construction, construction, all of that,” he said.

Nguyen’s mother is also a local.

“I think they moved to America and came to America to escape the Vietnam war.

They were refugees.

My mom’s father had to come back to Vietnam because of the war,” he explained.

In the 1950s, the Vietnamese people in the region were separated from their families, and many left to escape poverty and oppression.

This was when the Viet Cong invaded Vietnam and took over.

As Nguyen explained, their history is a part of Vietnamese culture.

It’s a very rich history in Vietnam because we have many Vietnamese who were born and raised here.

We have people who have been here since before the revolution.

They’ve been here all these years.

And when we were children, we learned a lot from them, like how to fight, how to survive, how much they loved each other.

We also learned about what happened after the revolution, when people who had been refugees were forced back into the country, and what happened to the people who came back.

The stories of people like my dad are very interesting.

“When I was a kid, we were on a boat,” Nguyen said.

“The boat went down the Mekong River.

We all were on the boat and then we were separated and taken by the Vietcong.

We went to a small town called Nakhon Nha Trang, and I grew up in the same village as my dad.”

“My parents left Vietnam in 1954,” Nguyen continued.

“They got married in America.

My parents came back to the States and started a new life, and my dad was able to come here.

They didn’t want to come to America anymore.

My mother, she had been a slave.

She worked in a factory, and she was never able to get a job.

My father didn’t like to work, and in order to survive he worked on construction sites.

He started a construction company, and that was how he was able have enough money to go to America.”

“When they took over, they took everything, so my parents couldn’t go back to work,” Nguyen added.

“Now, my dad is in the construction industry.

He lives in Hanou, and when they came to Hanox, they didn`t want to go back.

My Mom came back and she joined them.

They wanted to be able to go out and have fun, and this is how they went to America, so they went back to H.D.D., and they came here.”

Nguyen said he is really happy to be here now.

He has been coming to the restaurant for over 10 years.

“If you’re in Vietnam and you want to make friends, it`s really easy to find people,” Nguyen noted.

“This is my favorite restaurant in H.I.V. Vietnam.

You don`t need to go anywhere else.”

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