This is what a Chinese man with a ‘tongue in cheek’ looks like

I’ve always been fascinated by people with different voices and I was lucky enough to get a chance to interview a Chinese guy with a very unique personality.

This man had a tongue in cheek attitude and an even bigger smile.

I’m not sure what’s more amazing though, that he was able to get the interview and I’m just curious about what he had to say about China and his personal experience there. 

The man is from Zhejiang, China, a province located in the northwest of China.

His name is Yang Yang and he’s currently a student in his first year of high school.

He’s also very good at his job and he says that he’s been working for the company for more than five years. 

Yang Yang is also a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a senior in his class.

The Chinese name of his company is “Zhejiang” and it is based in Shanghai. 

I asked him a few questions about his experiences at the company. 

What are you working on right now? 

We’re working on an electric car.

We are building a prototype.

We’ve already been working on this for a few years and we have several prototypes.

The prototype is powered by lithium ion batteries and it’s designed to be a high-performance vehicle. 

When you say “low cost” does it mean something cheaper? 

I would say it’s not that expensive because it’s just for the battery.

It’s a prototype and we’re still developing the car.

It could go for around $50,000.

What about the electric car? 

The electric car is not for sale yet.

We’re still working on it and we want to start making it for a lot more people. 

Are there other Chinese companies working on electric cars? 

There are several Chinese companies that are working on some electric cars.

One of them is Liqe.

Liqe is a manufacturer of battery technology and also a supplier to the electric vehicle manufacturers.

It has a long track record and it has a lot of experience.

We also have a company called Nanjing Automotive.

It is a manufacturing and logistics company.

We have a lot in common.

We both work in the manufacturing and in logistics. 

Do you have any experience in building electric cars yourself? 

Yes, I did.

I’ve worked for Liqie before and we were working on a high performance electric car that was designed to go over 700 km/h and was equipped with an electric motor.

I was very impressed by how powerful this car was and I also really enjoyed the ride on it. 

Who’s your favourite Chinese movie star? 

[laughs] The one that’s probably the most popular in China is Hua Li.

She’s a character from the Chinese TV series “The Wife of Heaven”. 

What did you like best about her character? 

It was a very emotional scene.

Her character is very strong and she is a strong character.

I thought that it was very romantic and very emotional.

I think that she was a great actress. 

Why is she so popular in Chinese culture? 

Haha, I guess that is a very personal question for me.

I guess because she has this unique personality and her personality is very different to the typical Chinese girl.

She has her own way of speaking and is very smart. 

Can you describe her personality? 

She’s a bit different.

She is very emotional and has a very deep voice.

She talks very quickly. 

In the Chinese culture, women are considered to be subservient.

What do you think of that? 

That’s a great question.

I love that the Chinese people have their own way to talk and to express themselves. 

Is there a role model for you? 

A lot of Chinese women don’t know how to act and act like an adult.

They’re so weak.

They are very emotional, but their voices are very low.

I admire the women who have the courage to speak their mind and to be themselves.

I wish that there was more like that in China. 

How do you find the right words to describe yourself?

Do you have a motto? 

If I could only say one thing about myself, it would be: I love my wife, I love life, I like to read and I love to travel. 

Your company, Nanjing, is based on the Chinese idea of the wife.

Is that true? 

You know, I have no idea. 

If you had to choose one Chinese actor, who would it be? 

[laughs] I would definitely say Yao Ming [Chin Yang].

Yao Ming is a Chinese actor from China.

I always thought that he would be an incredible actor. 

Has he had any role in the Chinese film industry? 

Yeah, he’s had a role in a film called “Hui Chuan” which was about a young girl from the city of Wuhan