“Sunflower Cafe” is the new trendy tropical cafe in New York

Tropical cafes are the new trend in NYC, but for now, the name “Sunflowers Cafe” isn’t coming from a restaurant chain.

It’s a new cafe concept that’s taking off in the city.

The cafe is called “SunFlowers” and it’s taking shape in the Brooklyn neighborhood of SoHo.

The cafe’s owner, Erica N. Bong, says she thinks the name is fitting because “there’s a lot of water, a lot oohs and ahs, and a lot sunflowers.”

She says the cafe is meant to be a place for the sun to shine.

The Sunflower Cafe is named after a mythical plant called a sunflower that grows up to a height of 1,000 feet and has been used to decorate the walls of many temples in India and Tibet.

The word “sunflower” comes from the Greek word “sopra” meaning “to grow,” and the Chinese character for sunflower comes from “shen,” meaning “light.”

Bong says the name stems from the fact that the cafe will feature “a lot ooey-gooey” food.

Her concept of a “sunflowers cafe” is meant as a fun-loving, relaxed place for sun worshippers to sit and relax while enjoying their coffee.

She says she hopes to create a space where people can come together to watch the sun and be a part of it.

The space will feature a large glass window where patrons can view the sunflower blooming from their own balcony.

It will also feature an outdoor patio with a view of the sky.

The café is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., and there will be an after-hours patio on Sunday.

There will be a sign up and down the street that says “Sun Flowers Cafe”.

The cafe’s owners say they hope the cafe can be a beacon of hope to the city as the weather gets cooler.

They hope that if people want to visit the cafe, they can.

They’re also hoping to create awareness of the plant in New Yorkers and around the world.

They say it will be fun for people to come and have a sip of coffee while seeing the sunflower blooming.

They’re hoping the sun is just starting to bloom, and they’re happy to see people enjoying their morning coffee.