Which of these ‘footprints’ is the best to explore in Thailand?

The best places to explore and eat in Thailand are divided by the terrain.

The landscape in general is very varied, with some great scenery in the mountains, some deserts, some jungle and some grasslands.

But what are the best places for walking?

This is the question we have asked ourselves in this article, and it is based on what we have experienced in our travels to Thailand.

The best place to explore is the one with the most natural scenery, the one where you will be exposed to the sun, the atmosphere, the water, the mountains and the sea.

The terrain is very diverse, so we recommend you choose the one that has the best conditions for exploring, whether it is on the mountains or in the desert.

Here are the places we found that we are sure you will enjoy.


Mount Paektu In the mountains of Pattaya, the best place for walking is Mount Paechtu.

It is not very difficult to reach from Pattaya to Khao San Road in the northern suburbs of Bangkok, but there are also great walking trails in the countryside.

When you are near the end of your journey, you can head for the main road and then continue the next part of your trip by following the road.

The scenery is quite varied, but the main trail leads to a nice sandy beach and a nice river.

The trail is also easy to follow because the sand is so smooth.

There are some very beautiful places to enjoy, such as the river and a waterfall, and you can also walk along the river on a picnic table.

The path is marked with wooden poles that you can use to cross the river.

There is a waterfall on the right side, and the river is the first waterfall we saw in the area.

If you want to explore more of the area, the trails are also quite interesting, with a few nice caves and cliffs to explore.

You can also find many caves and rivers in the valley and the sand beach, but we found the most beautiful and picturesque place was the sand sea.

You might want to go for a short hike before you return.

It’s located near a waterfall and is a very popular spot for people to take a picnic.

It has also an underwater volcano and is very popular with locals.

It was also a great place for a visit with our family, so that we could take a picture with the sun.

You will be able to visit the beach at least once, but it’s a good idea to visit it a few times, because the beach is very nice and you will find many interesting things to do.

We recommend that you get your own boat, but if you’re not into this, we recommend visiting the tourist sites at Koh Phangan and Pattaya.

You have to go through the Koh Phangangan beach first, because you can see the waterfall.

There’s also a boat stop at Koh Prat in Pattaya and you should visit it if you have a family or friends who are visiting Pattaya too.


Lop Neng The Lop neng area in Pattay is a beautiful area, but you have to cross a river, so you have better luck going to the river, or even to a beach.

You should take a walk on the river from the town of Lop, which is about 15 minutes by car.

If the river looks pretty, you have no problem, but this is not the best way to get around Lop.

So, you should take the bus to the nearby town of Banda or Nong Phut, and then take the ferry to Lop by boat.

From there, you will have to walk for about 2.5 km, which means it’s probably easier to go on foot or bicycle.

There isn’t a lot of walking in the Lop area, so it’s best to go to a village and explore a little bit of the natural scenery.

You also have to take the Lap Neng River bus to Lap, which can take about 30 minutes by foot.

From here, you may go on a bus to Banda, Nong or Pattaya or take a bus from Pattay to Koh Phan, which takes about 3.5 to 4 hours.

The Lap bus stop is located in the village of Lap in the town Banda.

There you will go to the village where you can buy tea or coffee.

There also is a shop in the bus stop.


Thammasat This is a small village located in Khao Nong district, Pattaya that has a very old history.

The village was built in the 16th century and has a history that is still very much active.

The old town of Thammaat is still in use today, and visitors can enjoy some authentic Thai culture in the old town.

In the old days, you could walk in the forest.

There were no streets, so people used to walk along paths