How to eat in a sidewalk cafe

The street food chain Mimi’s is about to open a new downtown Seattle location that’s supposed to be a bit more upscale than the current spot.

The cafe is located at 8th and Jackson Streets in the city’s Ballard neighborhood, according to the Seattle Times.

The new location is located next door to Mimi, a popular food truck that is expected to open soon.

According to the Times, the restaurant will be “part of a larger effort by the chain to create an intimate dining experience that combines the best of urban dining and a high-end menu.”

Mimi is the newest addition to the neighborhood, and it’s unclear if it’ll be a new restaurant or just a new location.

The company is also working on a food truck in the neighborhood.

The Times reported that the new location will be part of a bigger effort by Mimi to create a intimate dining event that combines some of the best urban dining, including a high end menu, with a high price point.