Tropical Smoothie Cafe Roma opens its doors in Rome

Rome, Italy — Roma has become the first city in Europe to offer a tropical smoothie café.

The café was opened by Tropic Smoothie cafe owner and chef Mario Bonomo and will serve the cafe’s Tropical Smoothie Bar, which is a seasonal product that is also available for purchase.

Bonomo said he was looking for a place to open his Tropical Smoothies bar in Rome.

The cafe will serve up the seasonal drink during the colder months, such as during the Italian Summer and winter months.

Bonomos customers are looking forward to the new location.

“I am looking forward with happiness to open this Tropical Smoothery in Rome,” Bonomobomo told Sport Italia.

The Tropical Smoothness Bar is the first restaurant in Italy to offer the tropical smoothies drink in its menu.

It will be located at the intersection of Rota and Vitello streets in the city center.

The cafe is also working on the next iteration of its Tropical Smoothy Bar.