‘The best café in Europe’ – Mall of America

Mall of Americas will open its new restaurant in Tokyo in July 2018, and its owner has told Tokyo’s Kansai Prefectural Government it will be the “best café in the world”.

Mizuki Fukutachi, the owner of Mizuki’s cafe, told reporters on Friday (Sept. 4) that the Japanese capital was the “perfect place to launch a new cafe”.

“I think Tokyo is a great place to have a café.

I’m happy to have Mizuki on the premises,” Fukutach said.

Mizuli is an innovative cafe located in an area called The Mall of Japan, a shopping mall built in 1995.

It’s located near the Tokyo Tower and is designed to be a hub for Japanese culture.

“We’ve already started planning the new space.

We’ll open in the summer, and it will open to the public in the fall,” Fukuto said.

Tokyo Mayor Toru Hashimoto, who took office in March, said the cafe will offer Japanese food and drink with a modern, modern design.

The cafe will serve a wide variety of dishes, including Japanese classics like sushi, chicken teriyaki, and kimchi soup, which Fukutake said will be served daily.

“The concept of the new cafe is based on our philosophy of ‘one restaurant, one menu’,” Fukutacho said.

The mall, built to house more than 10,000 restaurants, has more than 300 restaurants, including Mizuki Fukuto’s.

The Mall of Tokyo will be home to the new Mizuki Cafe, which is expected to open to public in July 2019.