Roast Chicken at Rosa’s Cafe

Roast chicken at Rosas cafe has become a staple in the cafe’s menu, with the menu changing regularly.

Rosas Cafe has a list of favourites such as roast chicken and macaroni and cheese, but also a wide range of other meats, including roasted potatoes and meatballs, as well as fish.

The cafe’s owners, Alex and Mariam Rosas, have been serving up the chicken and other meat dishes for a number of years and the couple say the family has been able to maintain a stable business.

“We’ve got to keep it on a high pedestal,” Alex Rosas said.

“Our customers come back year after year because they love the food.”

The menu has changed every time the restaurant has been open.

“Every time we open we try to change it up, it’s just the way we do it.”

Alex and Maram Rosas opened Rosas Cafe in March last year, and since then the restaurant’s menu has expanded.

“Now we’ve got a menu of 10 different kinds of meat, but our main menu is chicken, and we’ll try to add some new dishes too,” Mariam said.

The restaurant is currently open on weekends, from 8am to 4pm, and customers can also get their lunch on the menu.