‘A very sad day’: Parents of schoolgirl who died in bus crash mourn her death

A bus driver has been jailed for 12 years after he admitted manslaughter in the death of a schoolgirl whose body was found in a toilet in the town of Barnabys.

Mark Brown, 49, was sentenced to 12 years in prison at the Old Bailey.

The court heard he had admitted manslaughter at the time of the crash in April 2013.

Brown was driving a bus from Barnabies to a school when he lost control of the bus and ploughed into a lorry at a traffic light on the M1 in Barnaboy.

He also had to stop at the junction of the M5 and M6, where he was hit by the lorry.

Brown admitted causing death by careless driving.

In court, his lawyer Peter Wright said Brown had a “lack of awareness” of the dangers of driving and had made “an unwise decision” to go around the light.

“His fault,” Wright said.

“The court is satisfied that he did not realise that he was approaching a road traffic intersection and that there were children in the path of the car, and the consequences were deadly.”

Brown, of Southwark Road, Barnabay, denies causing death or bodily harm by careless behaviour.

His lawyer said the court was satisfied Brown was “at fault”.

A post-mortem found the girl’s body in a washroom at the side of the road in Barnaby Road.

It took police almost four weeks to find her.

Brown’s lawyer said his client was “extremely remorseful”.

“It is difficult to imagine how someone could have been driving so recklessly,” he said.

Brown had pleaded guilty to failing to stop on the motorway, failing to apply for a permit and failing to comply with the law.

His lawyers argued his behaviour had been “reckless” and that his “willingness to do whatever it takes to avoid the consequences of his actions was exemplary”.

The case attracted attention around the world, and Brown became an internet celebrity after he uploaded an image of himself to Instagram wearing a T-shirt reading: “This is why I drive”.

The image attracted thousands of likes and more than 2,000 comments.

The day after the accident, a petition urging the driver to be “held to account” attracted more than 200,000 signatures.

Police said the driver had been warned of his responsibility to keep himself and his family safe before the accident.

They said he failed to stop the vehicle at a red light, but did so at the right speed, which was 25mph.

The bus driver pleaded guilty at the end of 2015 to failing in his duty of care to the child and failing not to stop when overtaken.

The prosecution said Brown’s actions caused serious injury to the girl.

A post mortem showed the girl had suffered serious injuries including a fractured vertebra and a broken femur.

She had also suffered serious internal bleeding.

A pathologist said the child had suffered a broken bone in her head, but had no visible injuries.

The case was adjourned until June.

In a statement, Barnaby Council said: “Barnaby has always been a community that values the safety and wellbeing of all of our residents and we will be working with Barnaby Police and Barnababy Police Crime Scene Investigation Unit to provide support and advice to the families of those involved in this tragedy.”

It added that it would continue to work closely with police.

Barnabys has always prided itself on its safety record and has an extremely high standard of care, particularly for children and vulnerable residents.”