Tokyo cafe con ‘Kitty’ cafe

The Tokyo-based cafe chain ‘Kitties Cafe’ has opened a cafe in the town of Kokoro, Japan, where patrons can get the cute little kittens for free.

Kitties Café in Kokoro has a seating capacity of 12, with an entrance fee of 15 yen (about $1).

The cafe offers a selection of cafe-made cakes, cakes with different names like “Lion of the Land,” “Kittie Cake,” and “Bunny Cake.”

The cafe is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 12:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., from Sunday to Saturday, and from Monday to Friday from 11 a..m.-5 p.M.

The cafe, located in the historic town of Kakyo, has already drawn the attention of Japanese tourists.

Visitors can enjoy the café’s adorable decor, including the cute kitten sculptures.

According to the cafe’s website, the cafe is located in a quiet corner of Kokori Station, which is accessible by the Tokyo Metro system.

 The cafe is owned by the Kikyu Family.

The owners were happy to open their cafe in Kokoros newest city, saying, “It is so exciting to open the cafe in Tokyo!

We are looking forward to creating a special atmosphere in the city.”

 In a statement, Kikyu’s founder Hirofumi Kikyu said that the cafe will offer the “most adorable and cute” cakes.

Kikyu also added that “Kitty’s Cafe is really cute, and we are happy that our customers can enjoy our cakes and get a good look at the cute kittens.”