When the internet makes you sick: 3 Dollar Cafe has been fined for promoting a $3 coffee

VENNA, Italy — A 3-dollar cafe in a busy Italian city is facing a fine for promoting coffee.

Italian prosecutors announced Monday that the cafe, called Astrology, had been fined $3 for the promotion of coffee on its website and in social media posts.

In a statement, the city’s prosecutor said the cafe violated regulations related to social media and advertising by promoting coffee for free.

The cafe’s owner, Francesco Giugliano, said he had no idea the website was selling coffee and that he only learned about it after the cafe was shut down for the weekend.

The cafe’s Facebook page and Twitter account were also shut down.

Giugliano said the charges stemmed from advertisements in Italian newspapers, television and radio.

“We were surprised by the way the media was using the cafe and the social media accounts,” he said.

“I’ve never had coffee before.”