Pho cafe in Delhi to close after a row with owners over sale of beef

Pho Cafe, a popular cafe chain in New Delhi, is going into administration after a dispute with its owners over selling beef.

Pho’s owner and two partners are fighting the sale of about 1,400 tonnes of beef in the city’s south.

They say the beef is not beef and has been sold as a “gourmet foodstuff” for a decade, not as a foodstuff that should be sold.

The beef, which is being sold at the cafe as beef meal, is labelled pho in the menu.

“I have had no trouble with the owners of Pho, nor the staff of Pha.

It is a business that has never had any issues,” said an employee of Phonak, the chain’s owner.

Phonaks owner said that the beef was not beef.

“We have always kept it as a luxury item, not a food item.

The owners of the restaurant have never complained against us.

The meat has been purchased at market prices, which are not a problem,” the owner said.

Phos owner said he would take legal action against the owners and the government to protect the local community.

“It is the same in other cities as well.

I am not going to accept the sale, we will fight it out with the police,” he said.

The restaurant chain, which has about 500 outlets in the country, has come under fire recently after it was reported that some of the customers were getting upset when they were asked to buy beef.

The owner of the cafe said the beef could not be sold as beef because it was not in a standard market market.

Phinak, which started selling beef meal at Pho in 2001, has had a few disputes with its local owners over the years.

In 2013, it was alleged that Pho was in violation of the local food regulations, which bans meat in the market and requires a separate licence from the city government.

The chain, however, maintained that it had complied with the law and was in compliance with all the regulations.

Phanak is owned by Anant Muthiah, who was a member of the BJP government of the state.

A case against Phinaks owners for the beef sale was registered in the Karnataka High Court in 2016.