Pokemon Cafe du Soleil in India opens, Pokémon characters show off

New Delhi: Pokemon Cafe d’Or, a cafe located in the heart of Delhi, is opening this week.

The cafe will be open from March 15 to April 6.

The cafe, which is known as Pokemon Cafe, has been a staple of Delhi’s hipster culture since it opened in April.

Its character-driven art exhibits, which include a Pokemon statue, have inspired some of the city’s most popular characters to appear.

The Pokemon Cafe is an art gallery, with more than 300 different pieces from all over the world.

The art is also themed around Pokemon characters, from a Pokemon costume to a Pokemon figurine.

“We have a very broad spectrum of characters and designs.

We have a lot of characters from Pokemon, Pokemon games and also anime,” said Praveen Kumar, a senior vice president of the Delhi Chamber of Commerce.

The company has also developed a Pokémon app, Pokemon Cafe Plus, which will allow users to check out the character and theme art.

Kumar said the company was also creating a Pokemon game in collaboration with Nintendo and was planning to launch it in India later this year.

“The game will be free and will be a new Pokemon game.

It will have many elements and be an exciting experience,” he added.

The restaurant will also be home to an interactive Pokemon show.

The show will feature a Pokemon avatar and various game play elements.

Pokemon Cafe has been an unofficial Pokemon restaurant in India since it was first opened in 2014.