The Best Places to Shop in Houston

You’ve got to love how much the people in Houston like their coffee.

You’ve probably seen the posters at the coffee shop, coffee bar, or coffee shop in the coffee shops you frequent.

And that’s where we found the best places to shop in Houston.

So which spots in the city to visit in order to find the best coffee in Houston?

Here are our top 10 spots in Houston to try the best coffees and coffee shops in Houston, with our recommendations for what to order, how much to order and more.


Tangerine Coffee Co. at the Tangerines Cafe: Houston, TX.

Tender, fresh and delicious, this cafe is tucked away in the middle of the T-Mobile Arena and serves up some of the best food in Houston right now.

You can order your coffee there or if you like to take a shortcut, you can try their new Tangerini coffee with milk, butterscotch syrup, cinnamon and nutmeg.


Koko’s Cafe & Kitchen at the Plaza Cafe: Suite 201, Suite 101, Suite 104, Suite 106: Houston.

If you like a good old fashioned breakfast, Koko has you covered.

They have a great selection of breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, omelets and eggs, and they even have some coffee in their shop.

They also have a full-service espresso bar.


Coffee Bean Cafe: 10300 South Houston, Suite B, Suite A: Houston., TX.

The Coffee Bean Café is one of the more casual coffee shops, but if you want something more upscale, you might be interested in this cafe.

It’s located on the top floor of a two-story building with a large indoor/outdoor patio and a huge bar with a variety of drinks.

There’s also a full bar downstairs that has live music and plenty of seating.


Cafe De Los Muertos: 10400 South Houston Street, Suite 107: Houston Heights, TX: This small, chic, and quiet coffee shop is located on an alley off the backside of the Plaza Hotel.

There are plenty of different kinds of coffees to choose from, but the coffee is all roasted on the premises.


Kona Coffee Roasters: 1701 Westheimer, Suite 200, Suite 202: Houston: Located in the same building as Tangeriner, Kona is one coffee shop that you can’t miss.

The menu is packed with different kinds and flavors of coffee, and it’s an easy place to go if you are looking for a quick drink or a quick bite.


Tiki Room: 2500 North Lamar, Suite 120, Suite 111: Houston.: Located on the third floor of the Marriott at the Marriott, this small and cozy coffee shop offers some of Houston’s best coffee, which is served in a glass with a small table.

There is also a menu of teas and tequila.


Coffee Bar at the Omni Hotel: 615 Westheimer Street, Room 107, Suite 150: Houston.* 8.

The Great Coffee Bar: 5300 East Lake Shore Boulevard, Suite 110, Suite 140: Houston 7: Located at the corner of Westheimer and University, this coffee bar is home to one of Houstons best coffee shops.

They offer a full selection of coffes, teas, and other specialty coffees.

They serve drinks like a latte, espresso and a cappuccino.


Cafe Latte: 3100 Westheimer Suite 106, Suite 103, Suite 114: Houston 9: This coffee shop at the intersection of West and Market has been in business since 1877 and is known for its delicious and smooth coffee.

It also has a large selection of tea and teavake drinks.


Café Largo: 1225 Westheimer Boulevard, Room B, Room A: New Braunfels, TX.: The perfect place for a coffee fix, this place offers a variety coffees from local and international brands.


The Cafe Coffee Shop: 1405 Westheimer Plaza, Suite 210, Suite 102, Suite 105: Houston 12.

Cafe Coffeehouse at the Olde Towne: 1335 Westheimer Blvd., Suite 102: Houston 13.

Café Espresso: 1550 Eastlake Boulevard, Ste 600, Suite 203: Houston 14.

Coffee Shop Cafe at the Biergarten: 1700 Westheimer Dr., Suite B: Houston 15.

Cafe Espresso at the Odeon: 2700 Westside Drive, Suite G, Suite S: Houston 16.

Cafe Duet: 1412 Westheimer Drive, Room 101, Room 102: New Orleans 17.

Cafe Mambo: 1210 Westheimer Center, Suite 109, Room 115: New York City 18.

Cafe La Croix: 1205 West Harris Street, Office A, Suite 201: Houston 19.

Cafe Lola: 1420 Westheimer St., Suite 101: Houston 20.

Cafe Lucca: 6300 West