Café portal: ‘It’s a small, simple place’

The Café Portal is a café in Surry Hills, which is run by a team of community volunteers.

The café was created by a group of community leaders and community members, including former Surry Hill resident, Maria Dyson.

“It’s an idea that started when I saw a poster of the cafe on Facebook and I was like, ‘How do I create a cafe?'”

Ms Dyson said.

She decided to create a small cafe for her local community, which includes local residents and other visitors to the area.

“I had some of the people I knew who live in Surrey Hills and I thought, ‘Let’s start a cafe and see what people are up to’,” Ms Dyers said.

The Café Portal has a small kitchen, kitchenette, and seating area.

Ms Dyson says it has been a huge success for her community.

“It really has been an incredible success.

It’s really helped us grow as a community,” she said.”

People have come in and said, ‘Hey, this is really cool.

This is what we do in Surrys’ cafes’.”

And we’ve also created a new way of life for a lot of our members.

“A volunteer who has been running the café for five years, Ms Duthons work is also helping her community become more active.”

A lot of the things we do, we don’t necessarily get to see it because we’re not allowed to work,” Ms Dysons said.

Ms Duthon has been working on the Café Portal for five and a half years.”

So it’s kind of a small place.

It doesn’t have a big staff, but we do get people to come in every day and work on their projects,” she explained.”

We also have an old school cafe, which we’re going to get a new kitchen and that’s really going to change the way we cook, as well.

“Ms Dyson is happy to see that Surry Hills is taking its local cafes seriously.”

If it was a little bit more mainstream it might have just been the thing to do, but it’s really important that it’s the community that is doing it,” she concluded.

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