How to get a job at a local sidewalk cafe in Halifax

The job market in Halifax is tight, but there’s always a job available to those looking to make a living off the road.

The Nova Scotia Employment Act, which came into effect on July 1, requires businesses to have at least 30 employees by March 31, 2018.

The province also sets a maximum hourly wage of $10.20 per hour and minimum wage of the same amount per hour.

In order to qualify, a business must have the following characteristics:A minimum of one person who is over 16 years of ageThe business must provide at least one paid sick or vacation leave per yearIf a business is a sole proprietorship, the employer must pay at least 40% of its workforce.

If a partnership, the employee must work in a part-time or freelance capacity, and pay at at least 50% of the worker’s wage.

If it’s a sole or limited liability company, the company must pay all employees at least $7.25 per hour or $8.25 for an hourly employee.

If the business is owned and operated by a limited liability partnership, its minimum wage must be $9.75 per hour, or $11.75 for an hour-per-hour employee.

Business owners and managers must provide proof of income to prove their ownership.

For more information on the employment law, visit the province’s website.