What you need to know about the #FlyingBiscuit #Biscuits cafe

If you haven’t heard of Flying Biscuit Cafe yet, you’re missing out on a great treat.

Located in a small coffee shop in downtown Toronto, the Flying Biskit Cafe serves up some seriously tasty biscuits.

A rotating menu of specialty and non-starters are made to order, and all you need is a couple of dollars to get in on the action.

The cafe’s owners, Chris and Stephanie Cuthbert, opened the Flying Bacon Cafe in 2014, and it’s been open for a little over a year now.

Cuthberts original idea was to provide a space for the Flying Banana Cafe in Toronto to continue their tradition of serving up banana bread, coffee, and other delicious treats.

However, it took them a little while to figure out how to get a kitchen to make the cakes they wanted.

The bakery’s owners are now in the process of building a larger, more modern bakery in the city.

“We have the kitchen working, but we don’t have the money for the kitchen,” Stephanie Cothaber told me.

“So we were looking at different locations around the city to try to find the space where we could build our bakery.”

So, with the help of a small grant from the Toronto Community Foundation, Cuthaber and Cuthabers husband, Chris, started building the FlyingBiscuite Cafe in 2013.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Flying biscuit bakery is its name.

“The name FlyingBitch is based off of the flying bacon,” Stephanie said.

“FlyingBitchBiscut is based on the FlyingBananaBiscuts.”

That was the name of the restaurant, but Stephanie also said that the FlyingCake Cafe is based upon the FlyingMamaBiscurts.

The name was just a coincidence, but she explained that the name came from a recipe she learned from her grandmother.

“It’s all based on recipes that she’s been sharing with me for years,” Stephanie explained.

The FlyingBiskit cafe, while technically a bakery, is actually a cafe, where customers order their own buns.

Stephanie told me that there’s a wide variety of toppings that customers can choose from.

She also pointed out that the menu at the Flyingbitch cafe includes some non-traditional toppings like bacon, bacon-wrapped doughnuts, and even a bacon burger.

The buns are baked at a time that the owners say will be the same for all customers.

“At least 50% of the customers will order a full buns, and the other 50% will order smaller pieces of bread,” Stephanie noted.

“Most customers order a slice of the FlyingBlueBiscoul.”

But the customers who do order the whole thing aren’t the only ones who’ll find their own style of comfort food.

The restaurant’s owners said that customers who choose to sit at the counter can order a bowl of the baked goods, or just order one of the buns that are on the menu.

The coffee and tea service is run by the Flying Cuckoo Caffeine, who, Stephanie explained, are based in the UK.

The café also serves tea and coffee.

“When we opened the bakery, we started serving coffee in the mornings, and we’ll also serve tea,” Stephanie added.

“I love coffee, so we try to make our coffee here every day, and they’re really good.

We have a little bit of a difference in how we serve coffee, as well.

They don’t serve it on the premises, they serve it in our kitchen.”

FlyingBits, the bakery and coffee shop will open to the public on November 30, and will be open for lunch from 11am to 4pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

The space will remain open for brunch, too, as Stephanie explained that her wife has been busy with the bakery.

“She’s going to be doing her first shift on Thanksgiving,” Stephanie told Bleacher.

“But it’s a great opportunity to give a little of our time back to the community.”

The Flying Bitch Cafe is located at 441-42 Dufferin St., Toronto, ON M5G 3R9, on the corner of Dufferins Corner, in the heart of the city’s Downtown Eastside.