How to find the best local cafe in the United States


(AP) The best way to find a local cafe is to go there and ask.

In a country where the word “cafe” means something else entirely, this is what local cafes are for.

For some of America’s best-known eateries, the best way is to walk.

It’s also a great way to discover the best of the city’s small, family-run eateries.

This is a guest post from Mark Fusco, author of the new book “Cafe Nation: A Guide to The Best Small Eateries in America.”

Fuscom’s list, which focuses on the small businesses and small-business owners in America, is an update of the book “America’s Best Small Businesses.”

Fosco’s first book, “American Small Business,” won the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for American journalism.

His second book, called “America: The Next Great City, was released last year.

His third book, published in May, is titled “America Is The Next City.”

Fsco, who was born and raised in Chicago, said the new edition of his guide is a compilation of the best small businesses in America.

He called it the “best small business guide ever.”

They are so vital in this country,” he said. “

I have been very fortunate to be able to visit so many great small businesses.

They are so vital in this country,” he said.

“These small businesses are so important to the people who live in these cities.

They help people out in a way that you don’t get from a corporate hotel, a restaurant or a gas station.

Small businesses, whether they’re coffee shops, bakeries, bakerys, coffee shops or anything else, are really key to the American economy.”

He also said that if you are not a coffee shop, coffee shop owners, bakery owners or coffee shop managers, you’re missing out on an important part of the American food chain.

“You’re missing one of the most essential elements of the economy of the United State,” Fsocos book said.

The first part of Fsocios book is dedicated to the “little-known but critical” coffee shops.

In fact, they are often referred to as the “minions of the business” because of their small size.

The book also mentions some of the “big-name” coffee shop chains.

Fscioco says small-time coffee shops are essential to a healthy, diverse economy.

He says the best coffee shops provide access to a variety of people who are often working in low-wage jobs.

“Small businesses create jobs and provide a solid foundation for the economy,” he wrote.

Foscos book also includes a list of local restaurants.

Many of the places on this list are also on the national list of the 10 best small American eateries in the country.

Focos list also includes restaurants in the Denver metro area, Washington, D.C., Atlanta and Chicago.

If you are looking for the best place to eat in the city of Little Rock, Arkansas, Fscuso has the answer.

He recommends visiting the downtown Little Rock district, which is known for its downtown restaurants and shopping.

He also recommends visiting local bars and restaurants.

The restaurant lists below are from the book, which was released May 1.