Galaxy cafe in Spain opens in Spain’s capital

Barcelona is a hub for coffee shops and cafes, with many of them situated in the heart of the city.

Here, Rose Cafe Carmela, a small café with a cute name, is opening a new location in the city centre.

Located in the former Rose restaurant space in Barcelona’s historic Galleria district, the cafe is currently being designed to be a modern coffee shop.

Rose Cafe is a coffee shop that serves up the perfect balance of traditional and modern cafe-like decor, while providing a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy coffee.

Rose Café Carmella, the new Rose cafe, will open in the centre of Barcelona, on the square where the former Galleria was once the heart and soul of the district.

Rose Cafe Carmselo opened in the Rose restaurant in the late 1990s.

It was then owned by the same owners who had previously owned the Rose cafe in the old Rose Hotel, and they decided to create a cafe and coffee shop together.

This meant the cafe was open 24/7 and would cater to both the public and the establishment’s staff.

The space is currently home to a few other cafes and coffee shops, including a small bar and coffee room.

The cafe has been designed to complement the Rose Hotel’s surroundings, with a number of contemporary touches.

The café’s walls are covered in colourful murals, while the ceiling features an intricate tapestry of coloured glass.

This location is part of the Rose Cafe Group, which includes Rose Cafe, Rose, Rose Carmello, Rose Bar, Rose Café, Rose Coffee and Rose Coffee Mart.

Rose Bar opened in April 2017 and is part-owned by the Rose Group, with the Rose Café Group, Rose Group Bar, and Rose Bar Mart.

The Rose Café Mart, which has been in business for four years, is located in the historic Rose Hotel.

For more information on Rose Cafe and the Rose Club, check out this interview with Rose Cafe co-founder and owner, Mihaela Hradek.