How to buy the best Caribbean food in Australia

It’s not often you hear of a place named after a famous explorer, but that’s what’s happened at the former Trinidad & Tobago-owned Trinidad &Maurice cafe.

Now, you can spend the weekend eating the best breakfast, lunch and dinner in the region.

The new restaurant, Norma’s, opened in March.

It’s been named after one of the first men to venture out into the tropics, Ernest Mandeville.

Cafes like this one are popular in New Zealand and are also in many countries across Europe and the Americas.

It’s a small place, so you’ll have to order your food with a spoon, rather than a fork, but you’ll also have a choice of food on the menu including: fried eggs with shrimp and mussels, curry with chicken, lamb and beef, or veggie burger.

The menu is made from locally grown produce, but the decor is modern and modern is king.

It comes with a bar with a big projector screen showing the menu, and a wall of colourful prints that you can decorate with your own design.

Norma &amp.; Maura, 25-27 St Clair Road, Trinidad, NT 57620, tel: 607 946 589, website: (opens)