How I came to know salty dog (and its salty cousin)

A friend, who is a dog lover, shared with me the story of a salty dog that he and his wife had a love affair with.

The dog was so salty, the friend was not happy.

He took his friend to a restaurant and ordered a sambar with rice.

He then ordered the same meal at a cafe for two.

The waiter told the friend that the sambars are served with a salt crust and that he was supposed to be served with rice, which is served with fish.

The friend asked why he was being served with food made with salt crust.

The server replied that salt crusts are not available in the restaurant.

The next day, the friends sambas were gone and he was left with a sour taste.

The salt crust has a salt taste and the fish tastes salty.

The sambarsh is also a delicacy and the salt crust is a favourite among Dalits.

The same restaurant that served his friends sammas is now known as Sama Bhakta.

It is the place that I had been to when I was growing up.

There was a restaurant that sold sambhar for a good price.

The owner of this place was a Dalit.

It was also the place where my friend and I met our first Dalit friends.

The Dalits are now the majority of the people in the village.

The local caste system has been established.

But when I go to the village, I don’t see any Dalit, I see only people of my caste.

The way we have been treated by the government and the media has been a big shock to us.

I feel that we are being treated unfairly.

The food in our village is not that good and the quality of the food is low.

I have been eating food made from local ingredients.

The quality of food is also poor.

I am not sure if the salt is the reason why the food here is not good.

But the salt itself does not matter.

What matters is how the food was prepared and cooked.

It should be a matter of respect for the culture and history of our people.

But how we treat the food has been changing, too.

I will be staying in the city for the foreseeable future.

When I go there, I will have to watch out for the same thing happening in the state.

The government is working hard to ensure that our food is produced at the same standards as the state of Maharashtra.

I can see that this is a matter that will be a challenge.

But I hope that the state government will give proper thought to the Dalits’ plight and work towards a better future for our people in Maharashtra.

This is a long-standing problem and there are no easy solutions.