Caffeine cafe at the centre of a scandal

An intermezzanistic cafe that sold coffee made with an ingredient banned in Australia and New Zealand will close after being accused of misusing Australian money.

Café Intermezzo, which opened its first cafe in Adelaide in 2013, is owned by former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s husband David Gillard.

The company was set up in the 1980s in the shadow of a cafe owned by the former prime minister’s wife, Tony Abbott, which was sold to a Chinese restaurant chain last year.

Caffeine has been banned in the country since the 1990s, and a number of other products have been banned, including caffeine supplements, tobacco and alcohol.

Cafe Intermezzans owner David Gillesons son, Anthony Gilleson, says the decision to close was taken due to the increasing number of complaints.

The cafe has since been bought by another business and it is unclear how long it will remain open.

Coffee is one of Australia’s favourite pastimes, particularly at busy cafes, where patrons can drink the drink while chatting and chatting and enjoying a conversation.

The ABC has contacted the Gillesones for comment.