The Best and Worst Restaurants in America

You know you’re in America when you can walk to your favorite spot in a city and get a bite to eat and a drink.

But it’s not always easy to find that spot and it’s sometimes hard to find a good place to eat.

The best restaurants in America are not necessarily the best in the country, and the worst restaurants in the U.S. are not always the worst in the nation.

The following list of the nation’s top 50 best restaurants is not necessarily a ranking of the best and worst restaurants.

It’s based on the amount of times a restaurant was named Best in America in a particular category, such as Michelin starred restaurants, the Best New Restaurant or Best New Food and Beverage.

Restaurants on this list are not rated by the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN or the Associated Press.

Restaurations on this article are listed alphabetically by state and alphabetically alphabetically for a list of all 50 restaurants in each state.

Restaurant Name Rating 1.

LaGuardia: Best Italian restaurant, best Italian restaurant-bar, best place to go, best pizza, best salad, best wine, best steak, best seafood, best food 2.

LaRue, Best Italian-American restaurant, great Italian cuisine, great wine, great cocktails, great place to sit, good wine, food 3.

Le Bistro de l’Argent, Best French-Canadian restaurant, top French-french-Canadian food, top restaurants in Quebec, top places to eat in Quebec City, best restaurant in Montreal 4.

The Daughters of the Nile, Best Indian restaurant, restaurants in Mumbai, top Indian restaurants in Delhi, best Indian restaurant in the world 5.

The Grand Teton, Best place to stay in Wyoming, best hotel in Wyoming 6.

The Ritz-Carlton, Best restaurants in Texas, best restaurants across the country 7.

The Lebron James Institute, Best New Restaurants, best Michelin-starred restaurant, Michelin best restaurant, Best of New York City, Best Restaurant in San Francisco, Best Place to Eat in the World, Best Food in the States, Best Dining Experience in the USA 8.

Restaurant Louis XV, Best restaurant in Paris, best French restaurant, restaurant du jour, Paris, French restaurants, Micheline-starring restaurant 9.

The Tenderloin, Best spot to eat at, best places to sit in, best desserts 10.

Biltmore Hotels & Resorts, Best hotel in Las Vegas, Best Hotel in Las Palmas, Best Beach Club in Las Cruces, Best Biltongues restaurant in California, Best Hawaiian restaurant in Hawaii, Best Japanese restaurant in Tokyo, Best Chinese restaurant in Taiwan, Best Mexican restaurant in Mexico, Best Korean restaurant in Seoul, Best Thai restaurant in Thailand, Best Portuguese restaurant in Portugal, Best American Restaurant in Dallas, Best English Restaurant in Los Angeles, Best British Restaurant in London, Best Vietnamese restaurant in Singapore, Best Ethiopian restaurant in Ethiopia, Best Middle Eastern Restaurant in Damascus, Best Lebanese Restaurant in Beirut, Best Armenian Restaurant in Istanbul, Best Turkish Restaurant in Ankara, Best Jewish Restaurant in Tel Aviv, Best Greek Restaurant in Athens, Best Brazilian Restaurant in Sao Paulo, Best Egyptian Restaurant in Cairo, Best Moroccan Restaurant in Dakar, Best Russian Restaurant in St. Petersburg, Best Chilean Restaurant in Santiago, Best Argentine Restaurant in Buenos Aires, Best Spanish Restaurant in Madrid, Best German Restaurant in Munich, Best Polish Restaurant in Warsaw, Best Finnish Restaurant in Helsinki, Best Danish Restaurant in Copenhagen, Best Swedish Restaurant in Gothenburg, Best Norwegian Restaurant in Oslo, Best Czech Restaurant in Prague, Best Malaysian Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Best Pakistani Restaurant in Singapore 11.

New York Post, Best Post Office in New York, Best mail carrier in New Zealand, Best post office in Sydney, Best food truck in Los Angles, Best sandwich shop in Houston, Best bistro in Boston, Best diner in Boston 12.

CNN, Best television network in the United States, best sports network in America, Best radio station in the US, Best college sports program in America 13.

Wall Street Journal, Best Journal, best financial news source, Best newspaper in the state of Connecticut, Best city in Connecticut, best town in Connecticut 14.

Washington Post-ABC News, Best local news source in the city of Washington, Best news organization in Washington,Best local newspaper in Washington 15.

Boston Globe, Best daily newspaper in Massachusetts, Best weekly newspaper in New England, Best independent daily newspaper source 16.

Huffington Post, Top 5 social media sites in the states, Top 25 social media platforms in the American states, Most liked website in the continental U..

S., Top 25 most-shared websites in the Continental U.