#BobaCafe has a new design and a new name.

A #BiboCafe cafe in the Chinese city of Wuhan, located in the city of Zhejiang, has gone a step further to improve its identity and look, launching a new branding scheme and adding a new corner bakery.

The #BobiCafe is a cafe located at the corner of Lishan Road and Dali Road in Wuhans district of Wuzhai.

The café’s name comes from the word ‘Bobi’, which translates to ‘food’.

It features a large, circular table with a bamboo canopy at the bottom, with a large cake plate above the table.

The name “Bobi” also translates to “Basket”, which is the traditional Chinese word for the basket of rice and sweet potato in which people eat.

The cafe also has an open kitchen, and it has been designed to be both a traditional Chinese kitchen and a modern Chinese one, said the cafe’s owner, Zhang Yongsheng.

The new design also includes the “Boba” sign at the top of the counter, and a large bowl on the left side of the table, while the menu is made up of items including a large banana cake with fresh fruit, a plate of fresh vegetables and a plate with a bowl of fried rice.

The “Bibi” sign on the counter is also a reminder to all customers, and the cafe is also accepting bitcoin payments, said Zhang.

The name “Lishan” refers to the road on which the cafe sits, and “Dali” refers the old road that leads to Wuhanchen, the capital of Zhaoming province, in eastern China’s Hubei province.

The design also features a traditional sign reading “Bubi” (Basket), and a Chinese character for “boba”.

The cafe’s “bobi” menu is also available for people to order, and customers can even pay with bitcoin using a QR code, Zhang said.

The idea for the cafe came after the Wuhang Bibo Restaurant Group, a chain that has about 100 locations, decided to close the restaurant due to low business.

The restaurant had closed in February and now only a few of its more than 400 employees work at the cafe, Zhang added.

The location of the cafe also coincides with a restaurant called “Bibeo”, which opened in Wuzhong, Zhejian province, a city in Hubeis province in 2017, and is now serving up a variety of food and drinks.

In 2017, the Wuzhi Bibeo restaurant group closed its doors, with only about 300 employees working there.

The group’s former owner, Wang Yuxiang, said he was inspired by the Wujian Bibeos, a popular Chinese restaurant chain, to open a cafe in Wujia, the Chinese province of Zheshui.