When the NBA gets you, it makes it easier to go out and play

The NBA has taken a step in the right direction with the launch of the new white dog cafe.

Located on the second floor of the White House, the cafe will be a place for fans to gather and enjoy some late-night entertainment.

The team behind the new cafe will serve up a number of drinks, ranging from shots of espresso to watermelon lattes, along with a selection of food.

The team behind it has even included a video showing the process of creating the drinks.

If you are an NBA fan, it’s a great idea.

It gives you a way to go to the games without spending a lot of money.

However, the new black dog cafe will only be available in the city of New York for the time being, as the team has not finalized plans to expand it beyond the city limits.

New York is a city that has not seen a black dog since the NBA launched its black dog franchise in 1996.

It was a welcome change after decades of ignoring the animal.

This is what the new dog cafe in New York looks like in New Orleans, a city where black dogs are banned from public places.

The team has yet to officially announce when it will start serving the new coffee shop, but it’s expected to be in the coming weeks.