What to do when you hear a voice inside your head?

The old West Cafe in Toronto, home to an Australian-born hipster cafe called Lost Dog, was an unlikely place to find a ghost story.

Located on a busy street near the Eaton Centre, it was the first and only cafe to open its doors in Toronto in the early 1980s.

The owners had moved to Canada from Australia to start a new life in the city.

When the cafe closed in 2000, the cafe’s owners were forced to move to another location to save money and the business struggled for a decade.

By the time they reopened the cafe in 2015, they were struggling financially again and sold the business to an American family.

Lost Dog is located in the heart of Toronto, just across the St. Lawrence River from Queen Street West, just east of Yonge Street.

The cafe’s former owner, Bobbie Lee, says her cafe’s ghost story has been around for years.

“It’s been around since I was a child.

There was a man who died there.

And I heard a voice, which I thought was a voice that I thought belonged to a dog, and I looked out the window and it was my dog.”

Lee says her dog’s voice was not the only one in the cafe.

The owner of the cafe says she also heard someone’s voice from time to time.

“There were times when I was there when I would go in there and it would be just the same thing.

There were times that it would say ‘I’m so sorry.

I don’t want to be here anymore.

I’ve had a hard life.’

And then you would hear a different voice saying, ‘I love you.

I love your coffee.'”

Lee says that the voice she heard in the café was different.

“I don’t know what it was that I heard, but there was an odd voice,” Lee says.

“But I never knew why it was in the place, and that was never explained to me.”

The owner says she tried to contact the man who owned the cafe to get answers, but she never got any response.

“They told me that he was very distant, and he had no business being there.”

In 2012, Lee went to the café to get coffee and saw a ghost.

“He looked at me and he said ‘It’s not me, it’s not my dog.’

I said, ‘What is it?’

And he said, I don, it just doesn’t belong here,” Lee recalls.

Lee says she was very scared and said to the owner, “I want to tell you this: I don?t want to come back.”

The cafe was boarded up in 2015.

The former owner says that she was given the keys and had to move.

“We got a notice that the building is no longer available,” Lee tells CBC News.

“The building that we had been renting from for a long time was sold and we couldn?t move because the building was sold to a family who wanted to move into a larger building.

We were just devastated.

A spokesperson for Lost Dog tells CBC that the owner is still haunted by the ghost of the dog who haunts the cafe today. “

Then the owner just gave us a lot of money and we were given the building back.”

A spokesperson for Lost Dog tells CBC that the owner is still haunted by the ghost of the dog who haunts the cafe today.

“Lost Dog was founded in 1982 and has been open for over 35 years.

We’re so grateful to our patrons and staff who continue to share their stories of the people who love this business and who love the food they serve,” the spokesperson says.

Lee has not found any of the customers who are still haunting the cafe and says she is still working to get her story out.

“If people were to come in and say, ‘You know what?

I don??t like that dog anymore,’ that would be a great thing to do,” Lee said.

Lee said that her life is still a struggle and she is grateful to the owners of Lost Dog for sharing their stories.

“This is not something that can be taken for granted.

We are still trying to move forward,” Lee told CBC News about her experience.