Why you should visit the Northern Brewery and Cafe, a ‘mini-downtown’ cafe

An old-school downtown cafe and a new-school cafe are in the midst of a renaissance.

The Northern Brewery & Cafe in downtown Lubbock is now a hip-friendly, full-service diner that’s a “mini-Downtown Lubbocks’ destination,” according to the owners of the downtown cafe, Bill & Susan Coggan.

The place has become an essential stop for many Lubbites and, in turn, the new owners of their cafe say it’s a welcome change from the drab, cluttered and dingy interior of the original Northern Brewery.

Bill & Susan say it was a real challenge to get the decor right and they also have to make a few changes to the decor to accommodate the modern amenities of the new building.

“It’s kind of like we’re building our second home right here in the city of Lubbocked,” said Bill & Sue.

“It’s a little bit like a modern restaurant.”

Coggan said the cafe is still mostly the same, with a few differences.

It’s been rebranded as The Northern Brewery, the owners say.

And, it’s got a modern design with a modern cafe inside.

“We did not intend to take over the old Northern Brewery space,” said Coggans owner, Bill Coggans.

“We’re just bringing it into the 21st century, into the modern, clean, modern place.”

The owners are trying to build a new life for the old brewery, with new plans to add a full bar and a few new rooms.

The new cafe will be a mini-downtown bar.

The owners also have a new bar inside the cafe.

The name of the bar is the “Coffee House,” and it will be open daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., serving their signature coffee and hot chocolate.

The cafe is owned by Coggs, who were in Lubboo working at the same company before he moved to Lubbocking.

Coggys wife, Susan, is also an owner of the restaurant.