Which restaurant is best for the sun?

If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to make the most of the sunshine in your backyard, the sun cafe is for you.

The sun cafe, a new concept from California-based restaurant and restaurant designer Boca Del Mar, is a small-plate restaurant that opens its doors to the public starting on May 25.

The cafe has two levels of seating, and the sun café features seating for 20 people.

“Sun café seating is a great way to relax, unwind, and enjoy the sun, especially during the summer months,” said co-founder and co-owner Sarah Schmidhuber.

“It’s great for those who are looking to relax in the shade of the trees.”

The sun café is located at 5500 West 12th Avenue in San Diego, California.

The sun cafe concept is inspired by sunsets, which can be spectacularly beautiful, and also have the added benefit of giving you some great sun protection.

The concept’s design was inspired by the sunsets at Disney World and Universal Studios, which featured a sun cafe seating area.

Schmidhuer, a self-taught artist, says that she wanted to design an accessible and comfortable way to enjoy sunsets in the city.

The design was based on sunsets and the fact that they are the most common sight during the time of the year, when it’s the sun’s most visible.

“Sunsets have a lot of benefits, like being the best time to get sun exposure, being in the sun for the longest time, and giving you an incredible sun-protection experience,” Schmidhuber said.

The sunshine cafe seating is meant to accommodate up to 20 people, and there’s plenty of seating available.

Sun café features a sun bowl on one side, a glass sun table, and two sun chairs, each with two seats for 20.

The tables have a mesh-lined cushion, and Schmidharuber says they are a perfect complement to the seating area and the seating bowl.

The seating bowl is a shade-resistant, UV-resistant foam that has been made from bamboo and will protect the sun from the sun.

The Sun Bowls are available at the sun cafes website for $15.

Sun bowls are also available for purchase at the restaurant and are also a great alternative to the sun bowls for those looking to soak up some sun in their homes.

If you’re interested in sunbaths, Schmiduber suggests you take the time to learn how to make your own.

She suggests soaking the bamboo and the fabric that holds it together for at least 15 minutes before you begin.

You can learn how and when to do this at this website.

And if you’re not into sunbathers, Schmalthuber suggests that you make your way to a sun booth, which is a place where you can sit on a sunbed and relax.

Schmiduhbber says the booth can be a great place to watch the sun set, and if you can’t make it, then it’s possible to sit on the sun and bask in the sunshine. 

Schmidhhuber said the sun booth can also be a good place to take in a sunset while enjoying the sunbeams.

This sun booth seating area features a large glass sun bowl, shade-resisting foam, and sun chairs.

The seat is a mesh cushion with a mesh lining for the Sun Bowl, and it’s covered with a UV-Resistant foam.

The booth is located in the back of the restaurant, which means it is available at a price that’s competitive with the sun bathers.

Sunbath is a fun, easy-to-use sun-saving option for the summertime.