How to fix broken yolk Cafe

Broken yolk, a popular cafe in the heart of downtown Seattle, is being sold by owner Robert C. Crain, a former employee of Seattle’s Downtown Eastside.

Curnock said he has leased space for two years and plans to reopen the cafe as an independent cafe, with a menu and a focus on Asian food.

He has already secured a lease with the city to reopen.

The cafe was known for its signature sandwich made with raw oysters and a fried egg that was one of Curnocks favorites.

It was closed for a time in May.

“I think the people of the Eastside and the city, if they had any idea that I was going to open a restaurant in Seattle, they would be really disappointed,” Curnocs said.

Crenshaw’s restaurant in downtown Seattle has been closed for nearly three years and was known as a place where you could eat at night.

The owners of Crenschys restaurants have moved into the historic building in a development called The Landing, which is home to Seattle’s oldest bar and restaurant.

Crendics new restaurant will be called The Broken Yolk, Crain said.

The Broken Egg, Curnellos new sandwich, will be available at the new location.

Caveness, an acclaimed chef who won a Michelin star in 2009, said Crenchys new restaurant is the best of what he is seeing in Seattle.

“He has such a strong, well-balanced menu, and that’s what I’m looking for,” Cavenes said.