Which restaurant is best for eating your lunch?

Garden cafe owner and vegetarian Chris D’Aquiluzzi recently wrote on his blog that he’d love to see vegan diners at his restaurant.

D’Aqua tweeted a link to a list of the restaurants he’s visited in London with the hashtag #VegaLunch.

He also wrote that if he was in the mood for lunch and the restaurant was vegetarian, he’d gladly pay for the vegetarian option.

The vegan option is available at the Cafe del Mar, the popular Italian eatery that opened last year in the heart of central London.

“I am vegan,” D’Atavuzzi wrote on Facebook, referring to the menu.

“I have visited the other vegan cafes in the capital before.

It is a great experience.”

The Vegan Café at the Greenway has been a staple in central London since it opened in 2015.

It’s the first restaurant in London to offer a vegetarian menu.

But a recent poll found that most people still thought it was inappropriate for vegans to be served at restaurants, and it’s unlikely that the cafe will change its policy.